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Sunday, February 25 2018 @ 11:32 AM CST
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By: Achiever (offline)  Wednesday, February 29 2012 @ 05:52 AM CST (Read 973 times)  

Please help to solve again!

1) Daniel and Garett were playing marbles. In the 1st round, Daniel lost 1/3 of his marbles to Garett. In the 2nd round, Garett lost 1/4 of the marbles he had then to Daniel. In the last round, Daniel lost 1/5 of the marbles he had then to Garett. In the end, Daniel had 760 marbles and Garett had 1324 marbles. How many marbles did Daniel have at first?

2) Irfan and Hannah read a total of 30 books in November. In Decemebr, Irfan read 9 books fewer than Hannah who had read thrice as many as she did in November. If both of them read a total of 45 books, how many books did Irfan read in the 2 months?

3) At a motocycle exhibition, 55 motocycles were parked from one end of the road to the other at the equal distance apart. The length of motocycle is 279cm. The distance between 2 motocycles is 4m. Find the length of the road?

4) Mr Bashir went for dinner with his family members with 23 more five-dollar notes than two-dollar notes. After paying $90 for the meal with some five-dollar notes, he has 1.5 times as many five-dollar notes as two-dollar notes. How many five-dollar notes did he have at first?

5) 3/8 of Amy's money is equal to 1/4 of Margaret's money. After each of them spent $40, Margaret had $64 more than Amy. How much money does Margaret have left after spending the money?

6) Bernice spent 2/3 of her money on party hats and 3/5 of remainder on 2 banners for a Christmas party. Each banner cost 6 times as much as a party hat. How many party hats did she buy?

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By: w13158 (offline)  Thursday, March 01 2012 @ 09:15 PM CST  

att solution.

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