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By: ivylyelaykian (offline)  Tuesday, September 04 2012 @ 09:47 AM CDT (Read 843 times)  

Q1.The ratio of Ahmad's card's to Benny's cards was 3:4. After Ahmad bought another 9 cards and Benny lost 18 cards , the ratio became 3:2 . Find the total number of cards Ahmad and Benny had at first.

Q2.Annie and Mary went shopping with a total of $965.After Anne spent 1/3 of her money and Mary spent $107, the amount of money Mary had left was four times that of what Anne had left.How much more money did Mary bring along for shopping then Anne?

Q3. Sally bought some fish. 1/5 of all the fish bought were guppies.The ratio of the number of goldfish to the number of swordtails is 2:1 . The prices of the fishes are $1.20 for Guppies,$2.30 for goldfish and $1.80 for swordtails.

Q4.Tania bought some dolls at an average price of $27 each.If she bought another 3 dolls for $32 each, the average price would be $ many dolls did she buy?

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By: lwen (offline)  Friday, September 07 2012 @ 11:11 PM CDT  

Q1 : A:B
Before: 3:4
After : 3:2
A : 3U+9=3P
B: 4U-18=2P
= A : (3U+9=3P)X2
B: (4U-18=2P)X3
* the above statements need to X2 and X3 is to make the P the same .
= A : 6U+18=6P
B: 12U-54=6P
therefore , now , 6U -> 54+18=72
Now , see the first ratio => A:B
Before: 3:4 = 7
7U-> 12X7=84

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