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 Mistakes in Maths Exam Papers
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By: yongjianrong (offline)  Tuesday, September 01 2009 @ 08:32 PM CDT (Read 1470 times)  

Henry Park SA1 2008:

The copy of the paper that was scanned had some extra things that were added:

Qns 17:
Answer key had a problem: the LOWEST possible amount to be rounded off to nearest ten thousand to 680 000 was 675 000, not 580 000. It is not possible for 580 000 to be rounded off to 680 000.

Qns 29:
Part B looks like a square, but in fact it is a square PLUS a triangle. Explaination: an extra line was drawn in Part B so it looked like a square. Very misleading.

Ai Tong School SA2 2008:

Few mistakes:

Qns 4:

A dictionary is six times as heavy as an exercise book. What is the ratio of the mass of the dictionary to the total mass of the exercise book and the dictionary?

Answer was (4) 7:6. But it is wrong.

Dictionary --> 6u
Exercise Bk --> 1u
Dictionary & Ex. Bk --> 6u+1u=7u

It should be (3) 6:7.

Qns 5:

The mass of a metal desk is 45kg. Which of the following is the actual mass of the metal desk in kg?

Answer was (4) 45.50. But, how is it possible that 45.50kg is rounded to 45kg? The answer should be (3) 45.45kg

Qns 14:

There are 54 black and white beads in a box. 1/6 of the beads are black. Jia Ling uses 12 white beads to string a bracelet. What is the ratio of the number of black beads to the number of white beads left in the box?

1/6 x 54 = 9
9:33 = 3:11

The answer provided was 5:1 (45:9), which was the ratio at first, which is wrong.

The correct answer should be (2) 3:11.

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