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 Henry Park School 2011 SA2 maths Qn 15 &16
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By: Phoenix (offline)  Thursday, October 25 2012 @ 05:43 AM CDT (Read 1072 times)  

15) Daniel hd four times as many toy cars as Jereme at first. The two then bought the same number of cars each. After that, Jereme had 54 toy cars, which were half the number of toy cars Daniel had. Find the number of toy cars each boy had at first.

16) Mr Jamal has 4 boxes of apples labelled A,B,C and D at his fruit stall. Box A contains 5/6 of the total number of apples in boxes. B,C and D. Box B contains 1/5 of the total number of apples in boxes C and D. Box C contains 1 1/2(one and half) times the number of apples in Box D.

a) Box C contains 48 more apples than Box B. How many apples are there in Box A?

b) Mr Jamal sold some apples from Box A such that the number of apples left in it was equal to that of Box D. How much did Mr Jamal collect if each apple was sold for $0.35?

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By: echeewh (offline)  Thursday, October 25 2012 @ 06:51 AM CDT  

Hey Phoenix,

Following pls find my worked solutions:



D : J
4 : 1

Diff (D - J) = 3p


D : J
2 : 1

J = 1u --> 54

Diff (D - J) = 2u - 1u = 1u --> 54

Apply <Unchanged Difference> concept (since both D, J bought same number of toy cars each),

Difference (after) = Difference (before)

Since Difference (after) = 54, difference (before) = 54

Referring to the <Before> model, 3p --> 54
1p --> 18

D = 4p --> 4 × 18 = 72
J = 1p --> 18



Refer to posting on 21 Oct by JessicaTan - around pg 5 (dated 25/10 20:58)


Trust the above helps.

Do let me know again if there's further clarification.


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