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By: shirley wee (offline)  Sunday, April 07 2013 @ 07:16 AM CDT (Read 685 times)  
shirley wee

Hi everybody! I'm stuck with this maths question. May you help me? Please show your working clearly.

Qn 1. Mindy bought some teddy bears from Factory ABC at $3 each and sold them at $8 each. Each of her customers bought either 1 or 2 teddy bears from her. Customers who bought 2 teddy bears from her were given one teddy bear free. At the end of the sale, Mindy found out that she had given 150 teddy bears free and had no teddy bears left. After paying Factory ABC, she still had $1215 left. Find the number of customers who had bought only one teddy bear from her.

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By: echeewh (offline)  Monday, April 08 2013 @ 03:59 AM CDT  

Hey Shirley

Following pls find my worked solution:

For 150 teddy bears given free, this also infers that 150 customers bought 2 teddy bears each. I.e. 300 teddy bears sold.

From these 450 teddy bears,
Amt earned (Profit): 300 × 5 = 1500
Amt loss (Loss): 150 × 3 = 450
Net Amt earned (Net Profit) = 1500 - 450 = 1050

Given that Mindy had $1215 left after paying Factory ABC,

Overall Amt earned (Overall Profit) = 1215
But Net Profit (from customers paying 2 teddy bears) = 1050.

Hence, Net Profit (from customers paying 1 teddy bear) = 1215 - 1050
= 165

Number of Customers (paying 1 teddy bear each)
= 165 ÷ 5
= 33


Trust this helps.

Do let me know again if this is different from your Answerkey or if there's further clarification.


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