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 Motivational methods
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By: syun (offline)  Monday, March 08 2010 @ 12:05 PM CST (Read 1252 times)  

Could anyone share your set of methods to motivate your child/student? Be it in studies, play or personal growth?

It'd be great if we could contribute and gain from the sharing of each other's unique methodsSmile

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By: teachthemwell (offline)  Tuesday, March 09 2010 @ 03:56 PM CST  

some stuff i can think of:

-praise them generously when they perform well

-have a 'reward & recognition board' placed at a prominent spot. on the left column title it Good, and under it, write down the things they've done well in front of them and draw a smiley face/star beside it. & under the Bad column, jot down unacceptable behaviours every time they commit them, and remove 1 smiley face/tick whenever that happens. after they've clocked about 5 smiley faces/ticks, reward them by giving them the liberty to choose a fun activity you guys could do together

-set up a home notice board where you pin up and honour their art works or academic accomplishments. that way, they'll feel like a star and strive to continually produce good stuff

-be interested in their interest. ask for their expertise on it. that way, they'll not feel you're concerned of only their academics

-get them to 'teach' you something. not only will they feel confident of themselves, you'll also rest assured that they've really grasp something well enough

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By: JeffreyO (offline)  Wednesday, March 10 2010 @ 07:17 PM CST  

Hi teachthemwell,

The above methods sounds interesting.
I am wondering how do I motivate my daughter to be interested in Chinese and Maths. For the other areas, she seems to be doing fine with it but these two areas, she keep shying away from it. Any parents here share or have methods to tackle this issue?

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By: syun (offline)  Thursday, March 11 2010 @ 10:20 AM CST  

I think the more they're forced to learn a subject they dislike, the more they'll grow to hate it. The trick should be getting them to 'fall in love with it in a stress-free way'

I remembered hating not merely disliking Chinese when i was young. Speaking it is ok, but reading Chinese characters gave me headache.

But when i was about 11 or 12, things took a 360 degree turn when my frens got me hooked on chinese songs, movies and stars, something which was new to me. My family had only listened to English songs. It also helped that i had an idol and religiously followed their songs and movies. Each time new songs came out, or if they appeared on magazines, i learnt new characters in my attempt to grasp what was being communicated in these media.

Guess you could also expose them to fun Chinese educational shows and cartoons, or even comics... Maybe a Chinese speech and drama class may get them interested too. Basically, exposing them to the language on a regular basis, yet not forcing them when they show signs of boredom.

my 2 cents' worth; are there any other methods?

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