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Sunday, February 25 2018 @ 03:26 AM CST
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 Catholic High Maths 2010 P5 SA1 Paper 2 q 15 & 17
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By: ssietho (offline)  Sunday, May 08 2011 @ 02:27 AM CDT (Read 1835 times)  

Wondering if someone can help with this question: Q15 of Catholic High Maths 2010 Paper 2

Isaac was reading a book. On the first day, the number of pages he read was 2/5 of the number of pages unread, On the second day he read another 24 pages of the book. As a result, the number of pages he read was 5/9 of the number of pages unread. If he had to complete reading the book in another 4 days, what was the average number of pages he had to read a day for the rest of the book?

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By: KJPang (offline)  Wednesday, May 11 2011 @ 12:51 AM CDT  

Use ratio

Read(R); Unread(UR)

R:UR is 2:5 (total 7 units)

R:UR is 5:9 (total 14 units)

Have to make the total units of "before" and "after" the same, hence the ratio of "before" must times 2 to become 4:10 (total 14 units)

Comparing the new "before" and "after" ratio, we can see that R increased by 1 unit while UR reduced by 1 unit.
Hence 1 unit = 24 pages

No of unread pages = 9 times 24 = 216
216 divide by 4days = 54 pages

Ans: 54 pages.

(Hopefully the above is clear, as I did this in a hurry Razz)

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