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Friday, February 23 2018 @ 12:17 AM CST
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By: crazymaths (offline)  Friday, August 03 2012 @ 09:20 AM CDT (Read 562 times)  

Hello, please help me with these questions.

12) Mohamed bought two bags of rice, A and B. The two bags contained different amount of rice and had a total mass of 96kg. He poured 1/4 of the rice from Bag A into Bag B. After that, he poured 3/7 of the of the rice from Bag B into Bag A. At the end, he found that both bags of rice had the same mass now. How much rice was there in Bag A at the beginning?

14) At a shopping centre, 1/7 of the people were children. The ratio of the number of men to the number of women was 5 : 7. If there were 40 children, find the difference between the number of men and children in the shopping centre.

17) A florist bought a total of 1908 stalks of carnations and roses. She bought 12% more roses than carnations. After selling some roses, the percentage of roses became 40% of the total number of flowers left. How many roses did she sell?

18)Lizhen has some yellow and green beads in 2 boxes. In Box A, the number of yellow and green beads are in the ratio of 5: 6. In Box B, the ratio of the number of yellow marbles to the number of green marbles is 3:1. Lizhen transferred half of the green beads from Box A to Box B. The number of beads in Box A becomes 32 and the ratio of the number of yellow beads to green beads in Box B becomes 9 : 7. How many beads did she have altogether?

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