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Sunday, January 21 2018 @ 02:27 AM CST
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Finishing tests and exams on time


Though there are many reasons why some children rarely score or even pass tests and exams, not being able to finish the papers on time remains one of the hardest for parents to accept. Instead of wishing in vain for the schools to extend the time limits, here are some time management and question tackling tips you can impart to your little ones to help them speed up.

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Beating Exam Stress


How you can help your children to get through, without crumbling under the pressure.

Sure enough, we have all heard before how stress can actually drive people out of procrastination and inertia, and into achieving results. But, did you know that this claim only works if the pressure remains at a moderate amount?

During the exams, it is easy for stress levels in children to escalate and spiral out of control as they might not know how to burn it off, except during play which they are going to get less of. Soon enough, you will find your kids suffering from weakened immune systems, panic attacks or even depression. What is the use of good results when your children end up jeopardising their health?

Below are some methods you can take note of, to lighten their load during this trying period.

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Getting Your Children to Read for Good


These days, with the evolution of technology, children have a wealth of options for entertainment in the form of games, the internet and so on. But, as a parent, you know that nothing can quite match the enrichment reading gives. Furthermore, it is the basis for learning and doing well in school. 
Hence, you find yourself anxious when your kids favour other leisure forms, or worst, shun books at all costs. Forcing them to read with nagging sessions will only fuel their dislike for it. The following are some simple and less draining ways to inculcate the habit of reading in them.

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